Sunday, November 9, 2008

Earn upto $100 from Bukisa with easy steps.

Even you can earn more then $100 a month.
is a website, where you can earn upto $10 every month.
Bellow is the procedure to earn from bukisa. Every one can earn from bukisa,but those who know about SEO(Search Engine Optimization) can earn allot of money from Bukisa.

Bukisa pay $4 for 1000 views. It means that when you write a article, and your article will be viewed by 1000 peoples, you will get paid $4
When your earnings reach to $10, you will get $10 in your PayPal account.
Minimum payout is $10
Tips for writing better Article to earn good money.
1:- Write a article about any topic.
2:- write article on a keyword whcih has low competition is search engines. When writing article on a keyword, try to include your keyword in article.
3:- After writing the article select the appropriate category for your article. For example if your article is about Softwares, then you must select "Softwares" from the category. If you will publish your article in wrong category, your article will not approved. So try to publish in correct category.
4:- When finish writing article,at the last there will be a place for Tags, add your keywords in tags area. Whenever any one will search those tags in search engines, your article will be displayed on the result. So try to target less competitive keywords.
5:- Your article will be save forever and you can earn money from your published articles forever.
6:- Write 30 articles with less competitive keywords and then set in your home and your articles will make money for you.Yes forever ever.
7:- Drive Traffic to your article from any where

SEO Tips for writing Article
For Example you want to write a article about "How to Earn Money"
Then use these Tips to get more traffic to your article.
Tips for Title
Your title should be in this way
"How to Earn money from internet with easy steps"
Just include your targeted Keywords with extra words.Like in this title "How to earn money" is the targeted keywords and "from internet with easy steps" are extra words.

Tips for Description
Also include you main targeted keywords in description.Like
"You can learn here that how to earn money from internet with easy and simple steps.

That's all, now your article is ready and whenever any one will search for the keyword "How to earn money" then your article will be shown on the top page and you will earn money.

NOTE:- Write article on less competitive keywords.
So start writing articles and earn money.
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