Thursday, January 1, 2009

what is referral

what is referral
and how to get referrals?

Referral are those people, who will earn for you.In PTC if you want to earn some good money then you must make referrals.
Referrals are the key point in any PTC site.
There are allot of ways through which you can make referrals in you PTC.
But here i want to share with you that way through which i am getting referrals is Downline Builders.
Down line Builders are those programs where you will offer some credits to another member, and he or she will join your PTC.
you can earn these credits by joining others PTC or you can buy credits.
But as you are new,so you have to earn credits.
For earning credits you have to join others PTC sites.
When you will earn some credits,then you will also offer that credits to other members, and they will join your PTC under your referral link.And he or she will become your referral.
Referral Link:- Referral link is a link through which you have to register other members to your PTC.these referral links are in you Account.
When you register in any PTC,they will provide you a referral link.
So know you have learned that what is referral and how to make referral.
Now register in this great Downline Builder program, and first earn some credits and then offer that credits to other members.

No you have learned that what is referral and how to get referrals.Just click on the above link and rigester here, and the start making referrals.
And enjoy


Anonymous said...

what is a referral and how to make referrals in any ptc site.
and how to get active referrals

Farzana Atif said...

You have great guidelines in your blog.
Thanks a lot.
keep it up

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