Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Get your Genuine Kaspersky key for 1 year with 3 steps

Well Come to the 3 Simple Steps to buy kaspersky with key.

Here we want to share a simple way through which you can earn $39.95 to buy a kaspersky with key. You can earn as much as you want. The more you work, the more you earn.

Ok Lets start the 3 Steps to buy kaspersky with key.

NO.1:- AlertPay and PayPal
What is AlertPay and PayPal?
(a) AlertPay and PayPal are world wide money dealing websites, through which you can buy any thing on internet. You can deposit money through Bank OR Credit Card Or Check in your AlertPay and PayPal account.
(b) You can send money from PayPal or AlertPay to any Bank and Credit card.
(c) Earn money through internet and then receive you money in your AlertPay and PayPal to buy any thing.

You can create account in AlertPay and PayPal for Free
You can create both AlertPay and PayPal account. (Some countries allow PayPal and some allow AlertPay)
Join any one to start earning from internet.

Join AlertPay


Join PayPal

NOTE:- For all the Steps, Use any extra Email Address and open you Mail Box, so that you can Recive all the Emails from the website and Activate them, so that you can contineue the next steps)

No.2:- Where to Earn
After creating accounts with AlertPay OR PayPal, now you are ready to earn from Internet.

There are allot of ways to earn from internet, but i want to share a simple and easy way, so that you can earn money and then buy Kaspersky with Key.

Ok First of all Join this Website Bux.gs

After creating account with Bux.gs, Login to your Bux.gs account and click on "Surf" button located at the top of the website.
Now after clicking on "Surf" button you will see this type of a screen.

Just Click on 1 advertisement, and wait for 30 second. After waiting for 30 seconds, you will see 4 numbers.

Click on the required number and wait for Tick Mark to appear.
When you see that Tick Mark appear, the close that window and click on 2nd Advertisement. and wait for 30 second. Similarly click on all the 4 OR 5 Ads and wait for the Tick Mark.

NOTE:- Don't click on 2 advertisements on the same time, because Bux.gs will block your account. So be careful and click on only 1 advertisement. After copleting the first one, then click on the 2nd, then 3rd, then 4rth and if 5th is available click on the 5th one.

Ok after clicking on 4 OR 5 Advertisement. click on the "Account" button, located at the top of the website.
After clicking on "Account" button, there you will see that you Earned $0.04

Relax, 2 More Steps to go.
Just Close the Bux.gs Account and start the second step.
Which is very easy.
Step No.2

Just Visit this website Ziddu.con

And Register with Ziddu.com
After Registering with Ziddu.com. you will redirected to your Ziddu account. Just find "Upload" button located at right side of the website. and click on "Upload" button.
After clicking on "Upload" button click on "Browes" button and select any one file or Picture from your computer and press on "Upload" button.
NOTE:- You can upload any file OR any Picture to ziddu.com, I recommend you to upload at least 2 screen saver Pictures.)

Ok this Step is completed now.

Just wait and complete the last and 3rd step.

Step NO.3

Just Visit this Website JillsClickCorner
And register with JillsClickCorner, activate your account and Login to your JillsClick Corner Account.
Click on the button "Member" located at the left side of the website.
When you click on "Member" button, you will see a screen, just like this one.

Just click on "Paid to Click"
And then click on all the available advertisements, just like you clicked in Bux.gs.
But in jillsclickcorner, you will not see a Tick Mark after 30 seconds.
You will see a message after 30 seconds, that will be just like this "Your Account has been credited with $0.0025"
After seeing this message, close the 1st advertisement and then click on the 2nd one, similarly click on the 3rd, 4rth, 5th etc.......... and wait for this message )"Your Account has been credited with $0.0xx")

Ok Now you complete all the 3 steps.

Now listen carefully, if you want to earn allot of money, just by doing this simple work, every day. You have to click every day on all the advertisements.
You can only click once a day. After next day you can click on the same advertisements, and every day $0.04 will be added to your Bux.gs account and $0.04 will be added to your JillsClicCorner account.

Now how to earn $1 per day from these 2 websites (Bux.gs and JillsClickCorner)
It is very easy to earn $1 OR even more then $1 (Depending on your work)

Ok Login to your Bux.gs and JillsClickCorner Account.
For Bux.gs Click on your "Account" button and find you Referral Link
Similarly after Login to your JillsClickCorner Account, Click on "Refer a Friend" Button and copy your Referral Link. (See the above Picture)

What is Referral Link
When ever any one will Register to Bux.gs OR JillsClickCorner using your Referral Link, he or she will become you referral, and you will get %50 earnings from him.
For Example, if you will earn $10, you will get $5 because of him.

For Bux.gs
So if you will Refer 30 friends in Bux.gs, and every day they will click on Advertisements at Bux.gs OR JillsClickcorner you will get %50 earning from him.
For Example 30 referral Clicked 4 ads = Earned Total $0.04x30 = $1.2 per day
You will get %50 of $1.2 = $0.60

For JillsClickCorner
So if you will Referr 30 friends in Bux.gs, and every day they will click on Advertisements at Bux.gs OR JillsClickcorner you will get %50 earning from him.
For Example 30 referral Clicked 4 ads = Earned Total $0.04x30 = $1.2 per day
You will get %50 of $1.2 = $0.60

Total Earned in one day= $0.60+$0.60 = $1.2 + you own earnings, that is $0.4 (Bux.gs) and $0.04 (JillsClickCorner)= $0.08

Total Earned $1.2+$0.08= $1.28

Total Earned in a Month= $1.28x30 days = $40.3

Congrats now just Go to Kaspersky and Buy a Kaspersky Anti Virus with a Legal Key.

I hope that you understand the whole procedure and ready for your first earning. If you need any further help, just post comments and i will help you.
Thank you for reading such a lengthy Article.
Allot of more ways are also available to earn from internet. Just Post comments if you want to earn through other ways.


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If u don't have u can contact me!

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