Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Minimum Payout PTC sites

List of minimum payout and no minimum payout ptc sites.These are one of the most trusted PTC sites in the whole PTC market.Join these and earn real money.
-----no minimum payout ---------

-----Minimum payout 2$-------------
NeoBux is the No.1 trusted PTC site with minimum payout.

----Minimum payout 2$--------------
Bux.gs is the No.2 Trusted PTC site in the PTC market.

------Minimum payout 2$------------
PalmBux is No.3 Trusted PTC with minimum payout.

Minimum Payout $1
BuxWiz is No.4 Trusted PTC with minimum payout.

Other Trusted PTC Sites
----Minimum payout 0.5$-----------


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