Thursday, December 3, 2009

Earn Money from Top Paying Minimum and no minimum Payout PTC

Earn Money from those PTC site, which has minimum payout and no minimum Payout. All the below PTC sites are top paying and trusted PTC sites. You can find these PTC sites one of the most reputable PTC sites amoung other PTC sites.
I am going to share only those PTC site, which are really paying to there members. Allot of PTC may come and go in PTC market, but thse PTC sites are stable and paying to its members. I will update this list on reqularly basis. So that you can get only paying PTC sites with minimum and no minimum payout.

No Minimum Payout PTC Sites
JillClickCorner (No More Trusted) is the most reputable no minimum PTC sie. You can withdraw your earnings to PP,AP,Egold, LR and solidpaytrust at any time.
(JillsClickCorner is Scam PTC) (Removed from my blog)
Most Trusted PTC Sites on Internet

Minimum Payout PTC Site

Following are those PTC sites which are stable and paying PTC sites. These are also minimum payout PTC sites. NoeBux is the first PTC site, it was launched in 2004 and still online. If you want to earn seriously then only join NeoBux and Palmbux, because these are stable PTC Sites.

No.1 is NeoBux, which is the most trusted PTC site.

No.2 is PalmBux with instant and minimum payout.

All the above PTC sites are the most trusted, paying and minimum and no minimum payout PTC sites. Always visit on regualrly basis to know about other new and paying PTC sites. Join only those Paid to Click websites which are the best one.
Most Trusted PTC Sites on Internet


ira999 said...

Hi there, whats the price per click on these sites you have mentioned.
Do you have to UPGRADE to receive your earnings.
All PTC sites paying under 0.01cent for 10-30 seconds should be banned.
The minimum price per click should be set at 0.10cents for 10 seconds. That should be the minumum. Anything under that is a sheer waste of time and effort. Cheers.

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