Monday, March 2, 2009

List of all Trusted PTC sites with minimum payout

Very Important:-Please note that these are the PTC sites which has great reputation in PTC market. These PTC sites are the most Trusted PTC sites. These are those PTC sites which has Minimum Payout and No Minimum Payout.
I just want to say that if you are serious in making money from PTC sites then you must join the Five Most Trusted PTC sites. There is allot of payment proofs for these Five PTC sites. You can ask from other members about these Five PTC Sites. You can also find success stories about these Five PTC sites. So you must join these Five Most Trusted PTC sites.
NeoBux, PalmBux, Joy-Click, BuxWiz and are the most trusted PTC sites, if you have not join any one in these 3 PTC sites, then i strongly recommend you to join these because these are trusted and provide instant payout and minimum payout to your AlertPay and PayPal account.

The Most Trusted and No Minimum Payout PTC is Joy-Click
-----no minimum payout ---------

-----Minimum payout 2$-------------
NeoBux is the No.1 trusted PTC site with minimum payout.

----Minimum payout 2$-------------- is the No.2 Trusted PTC site in the PTC market.

------Minimum payout 2$------------
PalmBux is No.3 Trusted PTC with minimum payout.

Minimum Payout $1
BuxWiz is No.4 Trusted PTC with minimum payout.

Other Trusted PTC Sites
----Minimum payout 0.5$-----------

You can Earn $10 From

Earn $10 From Ziddu. Just Register and then Upload at least 2 Files(Zipped) or Pictures and get paid.

Here you will find minimum payout, no minimum payout, minimum payout ptc, sites.And the most trusted PTC and Bux sites.As no one site is offering no minimum payout,because every PTC site has minimum payout.So join low PTC sites.
As these PTC sites are one of the Low and no minimum PTC sites,as well as the Most Trusted PTC sites in the Whole PTC merket.
I have not leave allot of banners for you, as every one has. But in the whole PTC market the above PTC sites NeoBux, and PalmBux are the most trusted PTC sites, as well as minimum payout ptc sites,although minimum payout is $9 but still this is the one of the most trusted PTC site.
Please don't join any other PTC site, they will waste your time and you will never recive any amount from them. I strongly recommend you to join NeoBux, and PalmBux and then promote these PTC sites and make some referrals in these PTC sites.
The other PTC sites are also very trusted, they have paid me. These are also low and minimum payout ptc sites.
In PTC market there are allot of PTC sites. All are not Trusted and instant. There are a lot of scam ptc sites, so you must aware of this.
Don't join other PTC sites, join only these Trusted PTC sites.Promoting your trusted PTC sites will always gave you referrals.
If you need any help or you have any answer, you can post comment. You are always wellcommed. Enjoy your earnings from PTC sites.......................!
If you dont know that how to get referrals,and how to make referrals you can learn here.and you can make active referrals for any PTC in the bellow programm. This is a great programm to make referrals for your PTC and specially in PTC that has minimum and no minimum payout.
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I don't think in Pakistan PTC working.
Tell me how we can receive payment trought alertpay account.

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